Semantic Technology Information Day

Thursday, march 26, 2009, Washington D.C.


Since the adoption of the Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) more than two years ago, there has been increasing interest in applying semantic technologies to a variety of software engineering problems:

  • for better service description, in conjunction with recent developments in the UML Profile and Metamodel for services
  • to provide richer classification services for complex event processing (one of the motivating factors for bridging ODM with the Production Rule Representation Specification)

  • to support terminology services such as those mandated by recent initiatives in health care
  • to increase automation in business intelligence and records management applications, supporting transparency requirements, provenance, content verification, authentication, and related services

  • in information architecture and software engineering generally, so that terminology and nomenclature is used consistently in deployed software within and across domains

Today, terminology issues are considered the second most challenging problem in healthcare; information assurance and cybersecurity are the second highest priority for the US Department of Defense. MDA-based information architecture and semantically-enabled technologies will play an increasingly prominent roll in solving these and many other problems going forward. This Information Day is intended to bring potential users, developers, stakeholders and vendors together to present some of these critical challenges and emerging solutions in work at the OMG, and to provide a forum for the community to assist in prioritization and influence the direction of further efforts. The event features keynote presentations by preeminent researchers and domain experts such as Ken Rubin, EDS, and Dr. Christopher Welty (IBM Watson Research), case studies from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, SRI, and Apelon, emerging work in semantically enabled service description, complex event processing, and manufacturing, and a panel / discussion focused on next steps.